Of all Johann Strauss’ waltzes, the “Blue Danube” is perhaps the best known. Not many people know that it was originally written for a male choir in Vienna. Its premiere did not go well. But when Strauss was invited to perform as part of an Austrian-French gala event during the Paris World Fair of 1867, he decided to re-arrange the melody as an orchestral piece.

It became an instant hit and was so successful that the printers could not keep up with the demand for the music score in the following weeks.

We talk about this in the upcoming TV special, “Strauss vs Strauss”.

For this version, “Blue Danube of Mine“, we went to Los Angeles and shot the video in the so-called “dry river” (culd we call it the “dry Danube”? – LOL) which has been featured in movies such as “Terminator” and “Grease”. Can you think of any other movies the river has been seen in?

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