Harry Coseman Christmas single

It’s nearly time to bake that turkey and pop that bottle of bubbly with Harry Coseman. December 2020 will not be like any other Christmas. But we felt we just had to do some seasonal music using Johann Strauss.

So our Christmas single is a reworked version of “Come to Me”, based on the beautiful “Wiener Blut” waltz – one of my favourites.

“Come to Me” is one of the Strauss classics we recorded as part of the upcoming ‘Voice of Strauss‘ album. We already released three tracks, each with a clip recorded in the US (check the original “Come to Me” here on YouTube).

Despite the fact that there was little promotion due to the coronavirus epidemic, these clips already generated between 24,000 and 65,000 views on YouTube. This is very promising for 2021, when the album ‘The Voice of Strauss’ will  be released. We will also be able – finally – to get back on the road for a few concerts! It has been a long time. The concert photo is by Armand Van den Bussche – thanks.

So brighten up your Christmas season with music by Strauss, ‘Wiener Blut’/”Come to Me”. Add it to your Christmas playlist and share with a friend.


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