4th single for Harry Coseman, “Emilie, Emilie”

For our fourth single, we went back to another Strauss classic, “Wein, Weib und Gesang (Wine, Woman, and Song)” from 1869. This song was originally composed by Strauss for a Viennese choir. So turning it back into a song with lyrics is entirely natural.

This modern version called, “Emilie, Emilie”, is a rich, romantic tale of lovers saying goodbye.

“One day we’ll meet again / Walk down this street again…”

“Emilie” is another classic Strauss waltz. It is a great melody to sing, maybe because it was originally intended to be sung by a choir. The video was show in a ghost-town in Nevada.

Our previous Strauss singles were “Come to Me”, “Blue Danube of Mine” and “The Chit-Chat Polka”. Each were built on well-known Strauss melodies. They will all feature on the upcoming album “The Voice of Strauss” at the end of 2021.

These really are timeless melodies. Performing them live is going to be a blast. The first one, at the Europa Complex in Brakel (Belgium) on August 1 2021, will be the very first Strauss concert with a full band of 10 musicians. We have been waiting for these shows for a long time – and the audience too! It’s time to get back to hearing some great melodies. We also have a date in December 2021 in Erpe-Mere.

For concert information and bookings, visit Dhollander Music.


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